Comenius University Bratislava

The University, offers the medical program in English language since 1992. The Comenius University was founded in 1912 in Bratislava and is the oldest university of Slovakia with it's oldest of the 13 faculties, the medical faculty. 




The university offers two programs: Dentistry and General Medicine.


Both programs have a duration of 6 years. Every academic year starts in the winter semester (September). For admission, the applicant has to pass the entrance examination. We provide you with the necessary materials to prepare for the exam and pass it sucessfully.




If you want to study at Comenius University you have to fulfil following criteria:


  • Completed secondary school before the entrance examination

  • Passing the entrance examination in Bratislava



If you fulfil these criteria you can begin your studies in Bratislava. Obviously the hardest requirement is passing the entrance exam because without a very good result you won’t get a place in General Medicine or Dentistry.


To have a chance against all other applicants you can choose us as support and we will give you preparatory materials with which you can study for the entrance exam.


With the help of our support and preparatory books you will have best preconditions going into the entrance exam.



The curriculum at Comenius University is not fundamentally different than any other university in EU which is helpful if you consider transferring to another university at any point during your studies.



The study is in English and the preclinical part of the medical programs is divided into lectures and practical courses.


The lectures of the preclinical courses are held in one of the three lecture halls at the medical faculty or in very close proximity. During the lecture the professors will teach the most important concepts of the particular Courses.


In the practical the students get divided into small groups called “Study Groups” which contain no more than 12 students. The practicals are held at the respective departments of the medical faculty.


Practicals exist to create practical learning experiences for the students, get familiar with the equipment and concepts. Practicals are a great time learn interactively with professors to consolidate previously learned concepts.


Tests are written during the practicals and final exams are written after completing a course. The finals are held during the examination period.

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September 2019 - December 2019


January 2020 - February 2020

Examination period

December 2019 - December 2019

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Februar 2020- Mai 2020


Mai 2020 - Juni 2020

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Mai 2020 - Mai 2020

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After 6 years and successfully passing state exams, the student gets the professional doctorate MUDr. (General Medicine) or MDDr. (Dentistry), an equivalent degree to other professional doctorates.